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Yuiki Matsushita

About Yuiki

Yuiki has a life mission - "Enable all people who have challenges in daily life to like themselves or their community" based on her own experience suffering and recovering from an eating disorder for almost 8 years.  She started her career as HR at P&G with this life mission and has been responsible for developing organization strategy and execution in multiple organizations.  On top of that, she continuously works on activation of neurodiversity which is correlated with eating disorders.


However, she felt "This is not enough - I need to work on my true-life mission and try something which is directly contributing to support eating disorder recovery".  With this passion, she was determined to develop General Incorporated Association Allyable, a non-profit organization with 150+ hearings from stakeholders and 7 times pivot.  Now she is focusing on P&G HR work and work as Allyable CEO in parallel careers to achieve her life mission.

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