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Yoji Kurokawa

Community Reformer x Founder

About Yoji

Born in Osaka
Progressive Co., Ltd. (Manager of 3 beauty salons in Osaka City)
Ryoshinjuku Co., Ltd. (Agriculture / Restaurant) A social enterprise aimed at preventing recidivism
Conscience School President


Yoji Kurokawa established the "Ryoshin Juku", an independence support facility for juvenile trainees who could not live with peace of mind due to abuse or abandonment of childcare.

He works hard every day to change these juvenile trainees’ lives from a negative chain to a love chain inside the society. For doing that, he supports them on the three pillars of the financial independence: changing their Residence, providing them Social Education, and Work.

He himself belonged to a runaway tribe and antisocial organization in the past. However, his life changed when he was 35 years old, after the sudden death of his beloved mother who raised him in a single-parent family. Then he decided to make a change. And now, he is providing independence support to young people who have had the same experience.

Yoji Talk
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