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Shinnichi Fukuyama

Community Development x Migration Consultant

About Shinnichi

Born in Osaka Prefecture, Shinnichi moved to Awaji Island two and a half years ago with his family.

After graduating from university, he worked as a teacher at a public elementary school. After that, he worked in sales and human resources at a private company, taught at a cram school, and participated in the launch of a new private school.
After the birth of his third child, he considered moving to the Kansai area.


He moved to Awaji Island, which he had no connection with, because he thought it would be better to raise his children in a place with rich natural environment where they could play a lot.

In Awaji Island, he worked as a member of the Community Development Cooperation Team, providing immigration counseling and managing the vacant house bank.

In the process, Fukuyama has experienced the goodness of Awaji Island and traditional Japanese culture.

Shinnichi Talk
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