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Haruna Shiga

About Haruna

Haruna was a researcher at Tokyo University’s department of life sciences. After seeing too much brilliant research and technology never making it off paper, she grew frustrated and abandoned her beloved science to study business, intent on encouraging more real-life implementation of promising research. She joined P&G immediately after graduating university, engaging as a buyer in the full range of its business activities, from manufacturing to marketing. She was handpicked to lead various projects promoting gender equality, as well as conducting training and implementing new systems within and outside the company. Feeling there was a dire need for a system of career progression that is in tune with women’s life stages, Haruna developed Eggu. This service utilizes biological science to help women plan their life and career. In 2021, as a parallel business, Haruna also founded BeLiebe.


Selected for the 6th generation of Sido Next Innovator, hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Japan External Trade Organization.

2021 finalist at LED Kansai’s Josei Kigyōka Ōen Project, receiving prizes from 35 supporting companies, the most of any entrant.

Commenced crowdfunding for Eggu in May 2022, achieving the funding goal in only one day.

Received an award from the US Consulate in September 2022.

Haruna Talk
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