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Elizabeth Masamune

Career Diplomat x Cross-Cultural Curator

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Masamune is based in Tokyo, has over 25 years’ experience living and working in Asia, and is a fluent Japanese linguist. She is a former Australian trade envoy and diplomat.

She is currently Managing Director of Asia Associates Japan, a Tokyo-based advisory firm specializing in cross-cultural communication, leadership and development, and diversity.

Elizabeth serves on several Japanese Boards and Steering Committees. She is a Non-Executive Director of The Faith Group Inc., in music and entertainment, and Osaka-based Arakawa Chemical Industries. She serves on the Risk and Compliance Committee of Calbee Inc. and participates actively in the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. Elizabeth is also a director of Advangen Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of ASX-listed biotechnology firm Cellmid.

She is married to Japanese graphic designer Toshiaki Masamune. She enjoys ikebana, Japanese cuisine and is an ardent cat lover.

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