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Daisuke Kaneko

Social Thinker x Founder

About Daisuke

After graduating from Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High School, Daisuke was accepted at Waseda University School of Education, Department of Educational Psychology.

Since junior high school, Daisuke has been fascinated about “What human affluence is?” and started studying and practicing the history and philosophy of it. During his research in the last year of college, he realized how necessary it is to improve the working environment for adults in order to raise children with a rich heart.

In November 2018, he started questioning the urban nature of mass production and mass consumption and wanted to increase the number of people that “think” through actual feelings and practices. As a result, he established Tane no Chikara Co., Ltd. to carry out a business that served to that purpose. There, he works as an instructor for hands-on SDGs training for a wide range of people from elementary school students to working adults.

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